Airsoft, The Paintball Alternative

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​MAT Staff

Question: How old do I need to be to join?

Answer: Our current minimum age is typically 16yo, however this can be waived on a case-by-case basis by demonstrating maturity and good judgement. It's also a good idea to encourage your parents to be involved and contact us to discuss your involvement. We are a family-friendly team!

Question: Does it cost anything to play with your team?

Answer: If you wish to fully join our team, membership dues are $30 for new members and then $20 annually every year after that. At this time we do require walk-on fees of $5 for each event you attend.

Question: Do you rent guns or do I have to bring my own?

Answer: Certain brigades have purchased rental equipment, it is best to contact the Brigade Commander before attending an event if this is the category you fall in. However, often times other players will have a spare gun you might be able to borrow and try. Please keep in mind they do this out of their own generosity, so please be courteous with their equipment and take good care of it on the field. Please remember that to fully join the team, you'll have to have access to your own equipment!

Question: Do I need a certain type of camouflage to join the team?

Answer: The team camouflage is Marpat (aka Digital Woodland) is required by all members. If you do not have it upon joining, you will have 90 days to purchases it. The style we suggest you purchase is TRU-Spec that allows you to place the teams patch on your sleeve. Contact a Staff Officer for links on where to purchase these style uniforms.

Question: How much time will I have to commit to the team if I join?

Answer: Depends on how involved you want to be in managment of the team. We try to play games at least once every weekend or even more frequently. But this tempo keeps us very busy-everything we do is based on the contributions of time and energy from our teammates. From building barricades and grooming our fields to organizing matches and taking roll-call, our members handle everything! We have many leadership positions being juggled by only a few people, so we're always looking for dedicated players! It's up to you how involved you would like to be. 

Question: Where is MAT located?

Answer: MAT is multi-regional and currently caters to mostly southern, central, and eastern Maryland. We have a few fields around the state and rely on the good will of parents and friends to donate their land for our use. As such, we are always on the move improving new areas or arranging new properties. Please contact the region leadership directly on the MAT Staff page for current locations. 

Question: How do I contact you guys?

Answer: For membership questions or other inquiries, please contact the S1 (Administration) Officer and they will be able to answer all your questions that this page cannot. The preferred method is via email and links are provided on the Meet the Team page. We're also on Facebook- just search for "Maryland Airsoft Team".

Question: What are MAT's FPS limits?

Answer: All limits are measured with 0.20g BBs: Sniper Rifles (Semi Auto Only!) are limited to 600 fps with a 100' min engagement distance (Pistols side arms are required for this class) Field Guns are limited to 450 fps with a 15' min engagement distance CQB Guns are 325 fps with no minimum distance

Question: Does MAT have RPS/ROF limits?

Answer: The Maryland Airsoft Team does not have Rounds Per Second (RPS) limits nor Rate of Fire (ROF) limits at this time.

Question: What kind of players is MAT looking for?

Answer: While we do not discriminate by race, creed, gender, etc... we ARE looking for MATURE, DEDICATED men, women, boys, and girls who can take a hit, be a good sport, play honestly, and are willing to commit time and energy to build a superior airsoft team! This sport relies on the honor system- and if we want it to survive we all need to police each other and encourage the highest levels of honesty, integrety, and sportsmanship. Cheaters need not apply- we don't want you. 

Question: But I'm a super ultra tacticool juggernaut complete with force field, 10th prestige in  Call of Duty, Master of Battlefield 3, and who would have been an Army Ranger in Iraq if I didn't take a sword to my knee- all before my 16th birthday. Should I join?

Answer: Probably not. Unless you're Chuck Norris, it doesn't matter how "good" you are or what credentials you think you have. Not until you can prove you're a GOOD SPORT, can follow directions, are willing to admit when YOU'RE HIT, and can play with HONESTY. Then, and only then, do we welcome you on our field.

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