Airsoft, The Paintball Alternative

MAT: SOCOM is a selective unit, all potential members will be required to pass a series of drills and tests in order to earn their SOCOM tab.

The first step will be to get your uniform squared away. The Maryland Airsoft Team requires all members to own and wear MARPAT Digital Woodland (default) uniforms to events, SOCOM requires all members to also own DESPAT Digital Desert. The uniform is required to have the US Reversed American Flag, Rank, Last Name, MD Airsoft Team and MAT Patch on the uniform whether sewn or Velcro. SOCOM prefers that all uniforms have velcro so all members look uniform.

To be in MAT: SOCOM, you will be required to successfully complete the follow courses:

• Basic Training Course

• Warrior Leadership Course

• Marksman Qualification Course (Pass/Fail)

• Raider Qualification Course (Pass/Fail)

Once you have completed these four courses you will then become eligible for the SOCOM Qualification Course (Pass/Fail) which will be a combination of the 4 courses and a Fitness Test, to include but not limited to running about ¼ mile in full gear, 10 Push-ups, 100ft Crawl. Once you have successfully completed the SOCOM Qualification Course you will receive your SOCOM Tab that may be worn above your MAT Patch. While on the team you will be required to maintain both your Digital Woodland Uniform and Digital Desert Uniform, keeping all the patches and ranks current. Members will also be required to own a vest, preferably a Plate Carrier. Members will be inspected and corrected if errors are found. SOCOM Unit members will be required to attend mandatory training once a month. Attending Brigade events will not count unless approved by the SOCOM Commander.

The SOCOM Commander will take into account everyone’s prior commitments when formulating the training schedule. Unauthorized absence from mandatory SOCOM training could result in suspension or removal from the unit. The SOCOM Unit will be formed as a Platoon operating outside of all established Brigades, with the SOCOM Commander reporting directly to the State Commander. The SOCOM Unit will have a Platoon Leader (2nd LT), Platoon Sergeant, minimum of 2 Squads, each with 2 Fire Team Leaders and 3 regular members under them, totaling 9 in a Squad. The SOCOM Unit is not to exceed 4 Squads without State Commander approval.

SOCOM members are required to attend monthly training outside of regular MAT events, and pay a monthly due that goes into the MAT: SOCOM fund controlled by the unit. These funds will be used at the discretion of the SOCOM members and the CO

The SOCOM Unit has traveled to many large scale operations to include:

Operation Shahrazad 2014 (Operation Lion Claws Military Simulation Series)

Operation X 2014 (Operation Lion Claws Military Simulation Series)

Operation Lightning Strike VII (Operation Lion Claws Military Simulation Series)

Operation Irene XIII (Operation Lion Claws Military Simulation Series)

For more information on joining the Maryland Airsoft Team SOCOM Unit please email