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Brian Curtis Gear Repair


My name is Brian and I'm here to offer you a chance to extend the life of your airsoft tactical gear.  I'm not talking about your guns, but everything else that goes along with it.  I spent 8 years in the Navy as an Aviation Life Support Technician maintaining, repairing, and reconfiguring Naval Aircrew Gear.  That means tactical vests, helmets, flight suits, and even uniforms.  As a fellow airsofter I know how expensive your gear can be, and even more how much it is to ship it back and get it repaired. Airsoft by its very nature is a fun sport but at times can be tough on our bodies as well as our gear.  If your equipment is still under warranty you have nothing to worry about right?  If it's not though, then you have to pay out the nose for shipping and repairs. Alternatively you can send your gear to me for repairs and customizations.  With 8 years of experience working on this type of gear, not offering my services to my fellow airsofters would be almost selfish.  Cost for services will vary depending on the extent of the work being requested by owner.  Conveniently located in the southern Maryland area, I can offer you reduced cost in shipping as well as reduced time to ship.  The faster it ships, the sooner it gets fixed, and the sooner it gets back to you in time for your next event!

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Stay safe and see you on the field!